1 More Reason My Son Is My Role Model

Mother and son looking at each other with admiration. He is my role model.

Most nights (meaning the nights I remember), we answer a fun question from this Q&A A Day journal. I like these cheesy kind of things and taking a moment at the end of each day to reflect. And truthfully, sometimes it’s the only conversation I get to have with my hubby outside the normal day-to-day stuff.

A few months ago, we answered the question “Who is your role model?” Like most of my answers, I quickly wrote my son’s name. He has inspired us on a daily basis to become better people, for him and because of him. Watching the world through his eyes has made me appreciate the little things and has reminded me to slow down and enjoy life. What has been one of my favorite characteristics to witness is his resilience in learning. (In fact, that’s just what I wished for him before I even knew who he was.) Once he realizes that he’s beginning to do something new, he practices it ceaselessly.

In the past few months, he has learned to crawl, stand, walk, run, and coordinate so many miraculous movements. My newest favorite is how he looks under furniture for lost objects. Too cute! 😍 He’s not afraid of new objects, intimidated by obstacles, or reluctant to try his new talents. Even better, he delights in new challenges and lives for triumphs. Sure, we’ve had our fair share of bumps and bruises along the way, but when he conquers a new feat – oh what JOY! The look of pure pride and excitement on his face is one I will never-Taylor Swift-ever forget. Mouth agape, wide eyes sparkling, and rosy-cheeks crinkling is etched in my brain forever.

The lessons to be learned from children are monumental. If I took his joy from experiencing a new challenge and applied it to my own life, everything I did would seem exciting. I would have a lot fewer worries, potential for new experiences would have me racing, and the reward would make me try and fail repeatedly until it was realized. If I lived my life like my son, then I would eventually get to where I’m going, but I would have a lot more fun along the way.

What lessons have you learned from watching your kids? Have they changed they way you live your life?



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