How I’m Making Boundaries for Exercise & Self-Care

I will do anything to help our little Penguin get his rest. All of our activities and errands get planned around nap time. The bark collars we bought specifically for this purpose go on the dogs, the TV is turned low, the thermostat is set, the camera is on, the sound machine is playing, and all activity is ensured to be quiet and peaceful. I even made a cute sign for the door, politely asking begging neighbors not to knock or to ring the doorbell. For a sleeping baby makes for a happy baby and for refreshed parents. This precious time is carved out twice a day, every day. No exceptions.

Can I tell you how long I’ve been planning to/wanting to do yoga regularly? Actually, I can’t. I’ve lost track. It’s been a long time.

self-care and meditation through coffee and yoga

Since Penguin was born, I’ve struggled finding a workout routine. Add a full-time job to the mix, and the struggle. got. real. We talk walks regularly, which is a win, but I’ve realized lately how much I miss that high after a tough workout. Pushing myself to limits and getting exhausted physically (instead of just mentally) did so much good for my noggin. I learned recently that it was also my meditation. Meditation – I never had thought of it like that before, but that’s what it was. Trying to meditate through quiet sitting just does not work for me (more on that here). However, my mind would s l o w ┬ád o w n when pounding the pavement in my well-traveled sneakers, swim stroke after stroke through the cool water of the pool, or finish out a yoga flow that left my spirit in perfect harmony. And while I’ve been longing for this physical release and mental clarity, I haven’t set aside the time to do it. Sure, I’m super busy, but my priorities are what’s really to blame. I prioritize Penguin’s sleep as numero uno, and I guard it with my life, yet I fail repeatedly to do the same for my own self-care.

But not anymore.

I had some unexpected space become available today, and I set a goal to unroll that yoga mat the moment he went down for a nap. I’m proud to say I did it! I flipped to a mindful yoga practice on YouTube, let my spirit flow freely through the postures, and finished out corpse pose with it all on the mat. It was exhilarating. That feeling was just the push I needed, and I am excited to work through this sequence day after day. My workout is my meditation and what makes me feel alive. Just as I guard Penguin’s nap schedule, it’s time I guard my own self-care.

you can't pour from an empty cup quote for self-care
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If you’re a mom and find time for self-care daily, I would love to hear how you do it! Please leave me a comment with ideas about how I can make boundaries around my workouts just as we do for our babies’ naps!


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