Raising Resilience: Wishes for Baby… and Me


It’s the word I had in mind for our first child throughout my pregnancy, before we knew who the baby was or would become. To me, it is a word that has meaning, strength, and character.

We were given a 100 Good Wishes for Baby book for our baby shower, and I immediately found the “resilience” page and claimed it as my own. As I wrote, I described my dreams for my first born to never give up, to break through challenges, to not listen to the opinions of others, and to be his best self no matter what. I told him that I would love him through every part of it, no matter the outcome.

“…You must know that you are made for a specific purpose that only you can fulfill. Chase after it with all of your will and might and love…”

As I finished writing, I sat back and felt satisfied with the thoughts I was able to express on paper.


My soul stirred. I suddenly felt restless. My heart raced a little and I was uncomfortable. It dawned on me that the exact wishes I had for our child were born out of my own desires for myself. I desire to break through barriers. I wish to make decisions without the opinions of others. I want to see just how far I could push myself and what I could accomplish. And I’m not giving it my all. I have been ignoring deep desires and passions for myself, out of fear of going for them, failure, the time it will take, and that no one will care. By allowing these thoughts and barriers to stand in my way, I’m doing exactly what I hope our child won’t do.

Those feelings aren’t able to be ignored. While I feel passionate about chasing my dreams, I also owe it to myself and to my son to demonstrate the resiliency I want him to possess. He will learn by example – and mostly by the one I set.

Do you have a “theme word” you’ve prayed over your baby? I would love to hear it, and to pray for your little with you!

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