Our Differences Tell the Story… but Aren’t the Story

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Differences of mother's and child's feet

Do you look at it and draw comparisons about our feet? Do you chastise me for having a bunion, veins, and wrinkles? Do you belittle me for not having the feet of a toddler?

I’m going to guess probably not. That sounds pretty ridiculous right? I mean, it’s obvious that one foot is of an adult and one is of a baby toddler. Different ages, different genders, different experiences and stages. You probably noticed the beauty of the photo for what it is: A moment of bonding between mother and child. For the Mom to compare her foot to her child’s and then criticize herself for their differences would just be ridiculous.

But wait.

Don’t we do that all the time? We see others and immediately draw comparisons to ourselves. Whether it’s about our body shapes, our financial status, our career esteems…you name it, we compare it. We don’t even take a second to consider all the numerous factors that have played a role to make us different. We definitely don’t see the big picture of the beauty that is our differences.

Quote: Comparison is the thief of joy
Source: Soup of the Day blog

Like me looking down at the image of me sitting next to my child and like the sheer comparison in size of my foot to my child’s body portrays the relationship of the two in the photograph: The differences tell the story. The difference in our size tells you about us, but it doesn’t identify us.

What if we let our differences tell the story, instead of letting them define us?

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