The Chocolate Cake Theory: From Fail to Fly

 chocolate bundt cake side view This chocolate cake.

chocolate bundt cake top view whole cake

Just look at it.

Chocolate + bundt cake just gets me all excited. I live for chocolate, and bundt cakes are always SO moist. You just can’t go wrong.

chocolate bundt cake with pillowed icing

Er…but I did. Moist Too moist.

I whipped up this chocolate cake for my Dad’s birthday, and with the title of “Ridiculous Chocolate Cake,” I had high expectations. Especially because it looked like this! Just dreamy, right?

Well, not when you make substitutions that aren’t even in the right amounts of the original recipe. Sorry Cookies and Cups, I made a major chef faux pas here.

Knowing that I would substitute the cake mix and chocolate pudding, I giddily grabbed the ingredients and went to work. Then I read the amounts on the recipe. I knew my ingredients were more than what was required, so I did some unscientific adjustments, filled the house with warm chocolatey cake aroma, and disappointed the whole family with the end result.


So it wasn’t the best taste. (That’s why you should follow directions!) It was SUPER dense, not pillowy soft like bundt cakes – or any cake – should be.

slice of chocolate bundt cake

But you know what? That’s OK. I had an excuse to try again 😉

It got me thinking, how often do we take life like this, letting an #epicfail happen with such casual emotions? #never Not for me anyways. But isn’t there usually a silver lining? Don’t we see it? Maybe, after we’re done totally wallowing in our shame and “what-if” thinking.

This cake fail has taught me a big life lesson. (Me and food are just that connected. #foodislyfe – No, but really, it’s my paycheck.) Back to it: When chocolate cake fails, there’s always more chocolate cake.

chocolate bundt cake top view half cake

If you don’t speak in food like me, I’ll translate for you: When we get bent out of shape because something really good falls through, there’s always still something really good. Can you agree? I know for me, if I look back on the things that I fretted about because they didn’t go as planned, everything worked out. Life is still really good. In fact, it’s those hard times that make the really good times so sweet. Like the second cake – that turned out right – after the first cake that failed. That first one left something to be desired. The second one delivered, and two-fold.

I’m quite thankful for that first failed cake. Mostly, because it gave me pretty pictures. 🙂 Also, because it was fun to create, fun to experiment, and means something to me. So, I really can’t call it a fail, but quite honestly, a major success.

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How do you reroute when life gives you bad chocolate cake? Comment to keep the discussion going!


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