Dear Son, This is (Not) How I Want You to Date

young love on a date

My precious boy,

You’re only a year old, and the only girl you have on your mind is your Mama. (And she’s ok to keep it that way.) Last night, your dad and I were reminiscing about our 12-year dating anniversary. Twelve years is a long time, and we’re stronger than ever. I hope you can have a happy relationship like this one day.

Now, while your Dad sets a great example in pretty much every area of life, I ask that you don’t date a girl like he did me. And if they let you, don’t marry them, because they have zero common sense and are likely not thinking straight because of your striking good looks.


10 Ways to Go Halfsies to Double Your Nutrition!

10 Ways to Go Halfsies to Double Your Nutrition

Through many years of work as a nutrition professional, I’ve learned that not everyone is quick to adopt all of the recommendations for healthy eating. I’ve also learned that that’s fine, because we’re all allowed to have our own personal taste preferences. Our own history with eating, the way we were raised, and our cultural norms influence our palate, and that can still be honored. I work to find ways to meet people in the middle instead of trying to force changes that neither work nor are fun! Eating shouldn’t have to be a chore but rather an experiment.

So, to do this, I often recommend ways to go halfsies with the recommendations. This will help transition toward healthier eating, keeping some of the flavor of your favorite foods while also doubling the nutrition factor. In time, you may decide to go all the way, but even if you don’t, you’re still making a more nutritious choice! Read on for 10 ways you can go halfies to up your nutrition game:


Beets + Meatloaf = Beetloaf. Fun & healthy! [Recipe]

This week’s menu entails all the colors: pink meatloaf with roasted potatoes and salad, veggie loaded breakfast casserole, and¬†slow cooker pork loin with spinach¬†casserole. Eating colorful food is fun, interesting, and more nutritious. Nutrients (called phytonutrients) provide the pigmentation for fruits and vegetables, so the richer the color, the more nutrients!

raw beets

Roll that beautiful beet footage! #beauties


Our Differences Tell the Story… but Aren’t the Story

What do you see when you look at this picture?

Differences of mother's and child's feet

Do you look at it and draw comparisons about our feet? Do you chastise me for having a bunion, veins, and wrinkles? Do you belittle me for not having the feet of a toddler?