A Spoon, Sadie Robertson, and Spiritual Growth

Tonight I realized that my one-year-old has a new trick: eating with a spoon. He’s been practicing this for a while, but tonight I realized just how much he has mastered the act. I loaded up the spoon with yogurt, set it on his high chair tray, and seconds later he had the scoop of the spoon in his mouth. Bite after bite, he showed me that he knew exactly what to do. The bites weren’t accidental, but intentional. I filled with pride.

baby eating from spoon


How I’m Making Boundaries for Exercise & Self-Care

I will do anything to help our little Penguin get his rest. All of our activities and errands get planned around nap time. The bark collars we bought specifically for this purpose go on the dogs, the TV is turned low, the thermostat is set, the camera is on, the sound machine is playing, and all activity is ensured to be quiet and peaceful. I even made a cute sign for the door, politely asking begging neighbors not to knock or to ring the doorbell. For a sleeping baby makes for a happy baby and for refreshed parents. This precious time is carved out twice a day, every day. No exceptions.

Can I tell you how long I’ve been planning to/wanting to do yoga regularly? Actually, I can’t. I’ve lost track. It’s been a long time.

self-care and meditation through coffee and yoga


Life in the Middle – A New Definition of Achievement

Confession: I am an achievement junkie.

What I would like to say is that I am a recovering achievement junkie. I get a high from accomplishing tasks, crossing things off my to-do list, getting all my errands done, and completing projects. A tidied house with an empty sink and all the laundry washed, folded, and put away is satisfaction to my soul. The problem is, I rarely enjoy the fruits of my labor, because I’m off chasing that high of finishing the next item on my agenda. Another problem is I’m realizing that everything is never truly going to be done. And finally, this isn’t what I want to get my kicks from either.